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5 Ways to Get Cavities

cavity fillings in Burlington NC

Soda/Juice/Sports Drinks

Frequently drinking these will cause cavities.  Many of these drinks have the same acidity as battery acid.  A 12 oz. can of soda contains 12 teaspoons of sugar.  Drink juice only with meals and no more than 6 oz. a day for children under 6 years.

Candy, Mints or Sticky Foods

Raisins, gummies, fruit chews, sour candy and hard candy are high is sugar and acid.  They stick on the teeth for a long time.  Even after the candy has dissolved the acid will continue to eat away at your teeth for more than 20 minutes.

Gum with Sugar

Gum with sugar will continue to release sugar out of the gum even when it does not taste sweet to you anymore.

Poor Brushing

The white sticky plaque is basically a glob of germs that will cause tooth decay and gum disease if it is not removed daily.  It smells bad too.

Cavities That Are Not Treated

Cavities in on tooth can spread decay causing germs through the entire mouth.  It is like having a rotten potato in a bag of good won’t take long for the rest of them to be rotten too.