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Dental Fillings

A dental filling may be the right solution to restore a healthy smile if you have tooth decay or damage. At Fuller Dental in Burlington, NC, we are committed to providing comprehensive, personalized dental care. For your convenience, we offer a variety of dental fillings to address dental concerns and keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Dental Fillings

A dental filling can help restore a damaged tooth back to normal function and shape. Dental fillings are usually used as a solution for cavities. However, dental fillings can be used to repair chipped, fractured, or worn teeth.The goal of dental fillings is to protect the tooth from any further damage and preserve the natural tooth to support your long term oral health. At Fuller Dental, we offer gold, amalgam, composite, and porcelain dental fillings. One of our experienced dentists will skillfully examine your teeth to determine which material will benefit you the best.

Types of Dental Filling

    • ld fillings are custom made in a laboratory and then cemented into place. While gold fillings are often the most expensive choice, many consider it the best filling material. Gold inlays are well-tolerated by gum tissues and may last more than 20 years.
    • Amalgam (silver) fillings are a more inexpensive choice and are tolerant to wear. However, due to their dark color they are more noticeable than porcelain or composite restorations and are not recommended for fillings in very visible areas such as front teeth.
    • Composite (plastic) resins are custom made to the exact color of your natural teeth, creating a more natural appearance. While white fillings may be less noticeable than other materials, they usually only last between 3 and 10 years and may not be ideal for large fillings as they may chip or wear over time. They can also become stained from coffee, tea or tobacco.
    • Porcelain fillings are called inlays or onlays and are custom created in a lab and then bonded to the tooth. They can be matched to the color of the tooth, resist staining, and are about the same cost as gold fillings. A porcelain restoration generally covers most of the tooth, making the filling nearly undetectable.

The Procedure: Dental Filling

The procedure will begin with a local anesthetic being applied to numb the given area. One of our skilled restorative dentists will prepare the tooth by cleaning out any debris or decay. Once all the debris and decay have been removed, your dentist will fill your tooth with the chosen dental filling material. The dental filling will then be hardened by a special light. Once completed, your tooth will be polished and shaped, giving it a natural, lustrous shine.

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We offer a full range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments to help improve your smile. We work with you to identify your dental issue and perform comprehensive, state of the art dental treatments. If you are looking for an experienced dentist you can trust, give us a call at (336) 290-7401, or request an appointment online today.

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