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Pediatric Dentistry

The enjoyment of lifelong dental health and a comfortable, functional smile starts with pediatric dentistry. Establishing healthy oral habits at an early age is important and lays the foundation for maintaining a healthy smile. Fuller Dental recommends that parents and caregivers bring children in for an initial dental visit as soon as the primary teeth begin to erupt. These first visits allow your baby to become familiar with our staff and our office environment and enable your dentist to monitor their oral development and offer appropriate intervention if needed.

Preventing Cavities in Children

The prevention of oral health related disease, including tooth decay and gum disease, is the foundation of children’s dentistry in our Burlington family dentist office. Your Fuller dental dentist and hygienist will screen for the signs of decay and gum disease at every visit, seeking to treat as early and conservatively as possible and to preserve your child’s natural tooth structure.

Our cavity prevention begins with a thorough exam, dental cleaning and screening. Our staff will make appropriate, personalized oral hygiene recommendations to help you and your child maintain a healthy smile between visits. In addition, the following treatments may be used to support a cavity-free smile.

Dental Services for Children in Burlington

As your child grows, their oral health needs change. At Fuller Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to patient care and offer a complete range of dental services to meet your child’s changing needs. Our staff will monitor the oral development of young patients to be sure that a stable, healthy bite is supporting normal speech development and there are no signs of musculoskeletal concerns related to the jaw.

We offer services for all that a growing smile may require:

The establishment of both a healthy bite and good oral habits play an important role in the overall development of your young child. Oral disease, structural concerns related to the bite and poor oral health can impact physical health and well being as a child grows. In many situations, early intervention and prompt treatment can avoid more complex dental problems affecting speech development, jaw development, long term oral health and even the appearance of their smile. The Fuller Dental team strives to provide age appropriate patient education and oral hygiene demonstrations to empower children, encouraging them to take pride in the health and appearance of their smiles. Give us a call at (336) 290-7401, or request an appointment online today.

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