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Stop the Brushing Battles

Is getting your child to brush their teeth a (twice) daily struggle? Does it involve excuses, yelling, or lying?

We know it can be difficult to get your children, of all ages, to brush and floss twice a day. Brushing and flossing often feel like a chore to children who do not yet fully understand the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing from an early age are essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy, natural smiles. Children with proactive parents tend to experience less dental health complications later in life. Fuller Dental encourages our parents to get involved in their child’s dental health from the very start of their oral development.

Your Gibsonville, NC family dentist office, Fuller Dental, provides comprehensive oral health care for all stages of oral development. And remember, you can always contact our Fuller Dental care team if you have any questions about your family’s oral health. Our dental care team is here to serve as a resource for you and your family. We love teaching our patients new tips and tricks on improving their technique for brushing or flossing, or helping a patient better understand a dental concern or procedure!

Tooth decay is a leading dental health concern amongst children in the United States of America. Nearly half of all students will develop some degree of tooth decay during their primary school years. Cavities increase your child’s risk of developing gum disease, gum recession, and even childhood tooth loss. Our oral health care team can also help your kids, and you improve your routine for optimal oral health.

Our Fuller Dental care team provides some fun ideas to help make brushing and flossing an anticipated (twice) daily household activity.

Brush & Bond

Many little ones love to mimic the behaviors of the people they look up to. Try making brushing a bonding experience by doing it with your child. You have to brush your teeth, and so do they, so why not do it together? Make it a daily habit of brushing your teeth with your child twice a day. Your child will learn by your example, and you can both enjoy the time spent together.

Brush to the Beat

As important as it is to brush twice a day, it is equally important to brush for a full two minutes each time. If your child has a favorite tune, try playing that while they brush their teeth. Most songs are about two minutes long. When the song is over, they know they have brushed long enough. Music can help pass the time and ensure they are thoroughly cleaning their teeth. If you are feeling extra creative you and your child can make up a song about the importance of brushing your teeth. Sing it to your kids while they brush!

Reinforce Positive Behavior

As your children grow up, they become more independent, and their schedules become busier so they may not have time (or let’s be honest, want to) brush their teeth with you every morning and evening. A good way to track their daily brushing habits is a daily chart. Use stickers, stamps or magnets to mark off when they brush. If they brush twice a day for a whole week, offer a reward. The reward for good oral hygiene could be anything from one-on-one time with mom, a new e-book, or their choice for dinner one night the following week.

Lead By Example

Help educate your child on the importance of healthy, clean teeth. Lead by example and be sure to bring them to the dentist once every six months for dental health exams. Our Fuller Dental team can help track their oral development and catch any developing dental health concerns early. Call our Burlington, NC dentist office or request a dental appointment online for your whole family.