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Are you missing a full arch, or all of your teeth? Are your old dentures uncomfortable?

Fuller Dental offers advanced replacement options for those missing a full arch or all of their teeth. Your dentists in Burlington NC can also work with patients who suffer from poorly fitting dentures to restore a more stable, functional bite.

Our team proudly offers the revolutionary All-On-Four™ implants procedure. We can give you a beautiful new smile as a result of careful treatment planning and the use of advanced digital technology available in our Burlington dentist office.

This tooth replacement option has opened the door for those who may not have been considered a suitable candidate for dental implants in the past. Using strategically placed dental implants, or mini implants, we can permanently secure a hybrid denture for a new smile that feels like it has always been there.

All-on-four dental implants in Burlington NC

The All-On-Four Implants Process

The first question is often, “how does All-On-Four work?“. The key to a successful and lasting result is careful treatment planning. During your initial dental exam, we will use digital diagnostics to evaluate your bone structure, soft tissues, and determine proper implant placement.

This will help us build a treatment plan for your procedure. Since we treat each patient as an individual with unique needs, no two treatment plans are alike.

Once your procedure is planned, we will review it in detail with you and request your approval before we get started. We will schedule a day for you to come in to complete the surgical implantation process.

On that day, the implant posts will be surgically placed, and we will attach a temporary denture securely to your new implants. The use of a temporary denture allows for the subtle changes in fit to take place before we take impressions for a final, custom hybrid denture.

It will also help heal the soft tissues and gums of your mouth. Your final restoration will provide the most comfortable, stable, and natural fit possible. Your temporary implant dentures can serve as a “back up” if necessary at some later time.

All-On-Four Implant Dentures Vs. Traditional Dentures

A common question we get is what the difference is between traditional dentures, and dentures supported by dental implants. Besides the obvious, here are more reasons why All-On-Four implant dentures differ from their older counterpart:

  • More stable and secure: All-On-Four implant dentures are permanently secured so there is no worry of them falling out. There is no risk of them shifting or slipping away.
  • Less maintenance: Modern materials are used to create your new restoration. There is no need for denture creams, special rinses, etc.
  • Natural look and fit: They look like natural teeth. Since they are attached to posts, they fit snuggly without irritating your gums.

Why Choose Us?

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When you choose Fuller Dental, you choose a dental team that is both highly trained, and experienced in implant dentistry. The convenience of complete care under one roof also means that your progress is consistently monitored.

Dr. Fuller is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He remains committed to continuing education in order to stay on top of the latest dental science and trends when it comes to advanced tooth replacement.

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Fuller Dental has been providing All-On-Four implant dentures to Burlington NC, Alamance County, and Guilford County for many years. With high success rates, it’s no wonder why we are your neighbor’s choice for restorative dentistry. Give us a call to request an appointment today.