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Crooked Teeth Burlington, NC

Crooked teeth can make patients feel self-conscious about sharing their smiles. Straighter teeth help patients feel more confident in their smiles and protect the function and health of their smiles. Fuller Dental in Burlington, NC provides cosmetic and discreet orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth for more beautiful and better-functioning smiles.

Crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean. This increases your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. It also makes you more prone to experience TMJ and bite-related symptoms. These can be painful and interfere with your daily routine.

Crooked teeth affect your oral health. However, it can also affect your social and professional interactions. Many patients with crooked smiles refuse to smile without covering their teeth. Straightening your teeth can boost your confidence and improve your oral health.

Straighten crooked teeth in Burlington NC

Treating Crooked Teeth

Treatment for straightening your smile will vary depending on several things. This includes your personal goals, the condition of your oral health, and your orthodontic concerns. Your Fuller Dental dentist will help you determine which treatment options will provide optimal results.


This discreet option is for teen and adult patients to realign crooked teeth comfortably. Invisalign is a clear aligner braces system that is discreet. Your Fuller Dental dentist will design a series of clear aligners that gradually shift teeth into alignment. This series of custom aligners is made of ultra-thin plastic that is fabricated to the specifications of each patient. Patients enjoy straighter teeth in about 12-18 months.

Cosmetic Dentistry

With a single misaligned tooth, cosmetic treatments may be able to restore the appearance of the smile. Your Fuller Dental dentist may recommend cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth if the misalignment does not affect the bite. Dental veneers, crowns, or bonding can adjust the smile’s appearance, making teeth appear aligned.

Dental Veneers

They are permanent dental restorations that your dentist will apply to the front and sides of a tooth. They are extremely durable and natural-looking. A dental veneer is a thin ceramic shell that is permanently bonded to a prepared tooth and can be used to treat one tooth or several teeth.

Dental Crown

A dental crown covers the entire tooth and is permanently bonded into place. The crown provides aesthetics and lasting, durable function. Your dentist will color-match your dental crowns to blend perfectly with your smile for beautiful results.

Dental Bonding

Tooth bonding uses a resin the same color as natural teeth. The dentist will cure the bonding material to the teeth using a hardening light. Tooth bonding is an affordable cosmetic treatment for various concerns, including crooked teeth.

Crooked Teeth FAQs

Crooked teeth aren’t just a cosmetic problem but a functional one. Learn more about crooked teeth and their impacts by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is it worth fixing crooked teeth?

Some people aren’t bothered by the look of their crooked teeth. Others are but aren’t sure it’s worth paying for treatment. But crooked teeth have impacts on your oral health. They’re harder to clean and contribute to an uneven, unstable bite. Correcting crooked teeth helps both your self-esteem and the functionality of your smile.

How long does it take to fix crooked teeth?

It all depends on the treatment plan we use. We can treat minor cases with dental bonding in just one appointment at our dentist office. We treat more extensive cases with the Invisalign clear aligner system to slowly move your teeth into place. Treatment with Invisalign averages around 12-18 months.

Why are crooked teeth so common?

Crooked teeth have become more common with evolution and industrialization. We barely think about actions like breathing and eating, but they’ve changed our jawbones. Our mouths are smaller than before, leaving less room for our teeth. This is why we usually remove wisdom teeth.

Are my crooked teeth genetic?

Genetics plays a part in your oral development. If your parents have crooked teeth, there’s a higher chance of you having them, too. But that isn’t the only factor that comes into play. Many other instances can impact your smile.

Do crooked teeth get worse with age?

Yes, crooked teeth get worse with age if you don’t do anything to correct them. Tooth loss is a bigger risk as we age, and our lips get thinner and tighter, putting more pressure on our front teeth.

Do I need to fix my crooked teeth?

We recommend fixing even mild cases of crooked teeth. A balanced bite is healthier, and it’s much easier to clean and take care of a straighter smile. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation to determine the best path for your unique needs.

Realign Your Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth or are experiencing pain in your bite or jaw, contact our Burlington, NC dentist office. Fuller Dental offers individualized dental care for your dental health concerns. Our dental care team helps to restore your smile by addressing dental concerns from common to complex.

If you are looking for a compassionate, highly trained, and experienced dental health care team in the Burlington, NC region, contact Fuller Dental or request an appointment online today. Our dental care team can help you enjoy a more beautiful, healthy smile.