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Sedation Dentistry Burlington, NC

Do you feel anxious or fearful about your dental care? Are you avoiding the dentist due to your dental anxiety and fear?

At Fuller Dental, we believe that dentistry can be made stress-free for anxious patients with appropriate dental sedation. Sedation at the dentist’s office can enable patients to receive the care they need without feeling anxious. Sedation dentistry is often the perfect solution for dental anxiety, supporting your ability to maintain the health of your smile.
dental sedation in burlington, nc

Conscious Sedation for Dentistry in Burlington

Fuller Dental offers sedation dentistry options to meet the needs of the individual patient. The two most common types of dental sedation are forms of conscious sedation. This means that you will feel completely relaxed and stress-free during your treatment without experiencing pain but in control of your body and responsive. Oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide are forms of conscious sedation that we offer for patients needing to have invasive dentistry or who suffer from dental anxiety. Your Fuller dentist will discuss your needs before treatment and ensure that any dental sedation prescribed is safe for you.

  • Oral sedation: This is prescribed as an oral sedative that is often taken at home, so it has time to take effect. With oral sedation, patients will need an escort to and from their dental visit. Oral sedation will need several hours post-treatment to wear off, and patients are unable to resume daily activities until the next day.
  • Nitrous Oxide: This is delivered as an inhalation sedation. A tiny cannula is placed beneath the nose just before treatment begins. Nitrous Oxide takes effect and wears off quickly.

IV Sedation for Dentistry

Dr. Sarah Cook is certified to provide IV sedation in our Burlington dental office. Another form of conscious sedation, IV sedation, is administered through an IV and can be adjusted throughout the procedure to maintain your state of relaxation and semi-consciousness. IV sedation is often a better solution for patients needing to be in a relaxed state for a more extended period or may be facing more painful procedures such as an impacted tooth extraction. IV sedation has a stronger amnesia effect compared to oral sedatives and Nitrous Oxide, and most patients have no recollection of their procedure. Dr. Cook will administer and monitor the sedation for patients to ensure they are stable throughout the treatment.

For this type of sedation, we will place an IV when you arrive and begin the flow of the anesthesia medication just before treatment is to begin. Once the treatment is complete, you will be allowed to slowly awaken and remain relaxed in the chair until you are able to move easily. It will take several hours for the medication to wear off, and patients receiving IV sedation will need an escort for their visit.