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Root Canals Burlington, NC

Fuller Dental provides advanced care for dental problems, including endodontics for severe tooth decay or damage. Endodontics includes root canals, a procedure designed to save the structure of your natural tooth. Our dental care team will recommend a root canal whenever possible to avoid having to remove a tooth. This treatment also avoids disrupting your natural bite structure.

Root canals have come a long way, and today’s patients can enjoy a procedure similar to a tooth filling. Root canal therapy relieves the pain and discomfort that is the sign of infection or damage within the tooth.

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What To Expect With A Root Canal

A root canal treatment will begin with creating a small opening in the back of the tooth to access the interior tooth pulp. We remove the infected pulp and fill the interior tooth chamber with a biocompatible material. This will stabilize the tooth’s structure. We will reseal the tooth and place the dental crown at a subsequent visit to strengthen and preserve the tooth. This will support long-term dental health and prevent future infection or damage.

We will complete the root canal in one visit, and most patients will resume their daily routine. We may recommend a softer diet for a day or two. You can also take an over-the-counter pain medication for any mild discomfort from the procedure.

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Root canals can restore dental health because of advanced tooth decay or damage to the tooth. The procedure is often the best option to save the tooth from extraction. Sudden trauma may lead to immediate dental care. However, other signs may develop and indicate there is a problem. These can include:

  • Increasing sensitivity to temperature
  • Changes in the color of a tooth: typically a noticeable gray appearance
  • Sudden or increasing tooth pain
  • Swelling or tenderness of the gums around a tooth

If you notice any of these symptoms or signs or have concerns about a tooth’s health, schedule a visit with one of our Burlington area dentists at Fuller Dental. Prompt treatment can often mean a better outcome.