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Pediatric Dentistry Burlington, NC

Lifelong dental health and a comfortable, functional smile start with pediatric dentistry. Starting healthy oral habits early is vital and helps children develop a healthy smile. Fuller Dental suggests that children come in for their first dental visit when their primary teeth begin to erupt.

Fuller Dental focuses on preventive dental care and early detection of dental diseases. This is the foundation of children’s dentistry in our Burlington family dentist office. These first visits also allow your child to become familiar with our staff and our office. Additionally, it allows the dentist to monitor their oral development and offer intervention if needed.

We look forward to treating your child at our dentist office in Burlington, North Carolina.

Pediatric Dentistry in Burlington North Carolina

Preventing Cavities in Children

The dentist and hygienist will look for signs of oral health diseases during your child’s appointment. This includes tooth decay as well as gum disease. Cavities are mostly prevented with good oral hygiene. This includes routine visits to our Burlington, NC dentist office for a professional cleaning and exam. If a tooth cavity is found, your dentist may suggest early treatment to preserve your child’s natural tooth structure.

In between visits to dentists, parents can do many things to ensure the health of their children’s teeth:

  • Brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste (over age 2)
  • For infants and babies, wipe their gums every day with a damp cloth until their teeth erupt
  • Floss in between their teeth once a day
  • Limit sugary drinks and candy
  • Follow the recommended guidelines for nursing and bottle and sippy cup use
  • Avoid giving them a bottle at bedtime

Dental Services for Children in Burlington, NC

As your child grows, their oral health needs change. Our dentists take a comprehensive approach to patient care. They will offer a complete range of dental services to meet your child’s changing needs.

Our staff will monitor your child’s oral development.  This ensures that a stable, healthy bite supports normal speech development. Also, we ensure there are no signs of musculoskeletal concerns related to the jaw.

We offer several pediatric dentistry services, including:

Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

Pediatric dentistry ensures that your child starts on the right foot with oral healthcare. Learn more about pediatric dentistry with the answers to these frequently asked questions.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

Children should start with pediatric dentistry within six months of the eruption of their first tooth or by the time they turn a year old, whichever comes first. We want to ensure that your child’s mouth is developing properly. We’ll also teach you how to properly brush and care for your child’s mouth as they grow and change.

Why are baby teeth so important when they’re temporary?

Just because they’re temporary doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. They’re a very important part of oral health. Baby teeth help to save the correct position for the permanent teeth. They’re also crucial for learning how to speak and chew properly. If these teeth aren’t taken care of, these things can be compromised for your child.

What are the benefits of choosing a family dentist office for my child?

Bringing your child to the same dentist that you see has many benefits. There is no need to drive to several offices for appointments. Your entire family can be treated in a single visit. Children are less anxious about visiting the same dentist their parents and older siblings see.

Can children develop oral disease?

Children can develop oral diseases. Avoiding this is critical for their development. Our goal is to help them establish good oral hygiene habits and make sure they develop a healthy bite. Sometimes, early intervention and prompt treatment are necessary for complex dental problems. Thorough care and treatment will help your child avoid oral diseases, allow their jaw to develop normally, and keep their smile beautiful.

Should baby teeth be pulled or left to fall out naturally?

Keeping primary teeth (baby teeth) in place and healthy until they fall out naturally is vital. Primary teeth help children maintain good nutrition by allowing them to chew properly. They are also critical for proper speech development and help to promote good self-esteem.

How do dental sealants work?

We use dental sealants as an extra layer of protection for your child’s teeth. They help prevent tooth decay. Your dentist will apply the sealants to your child’s molars in one visit. The material is like a gel that sets on the teeth and adds a clear, thin layer of film to discourage bacteria from taking hold. It is very safe for young patients and is not permanent. The process is painless.

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The Fuller Dental team strives to provide age-appropriate education and help with each child. We will encourage them to take pride in their oral health and the appearance of their smiles. The doctors and staff at Fuller Dental enjoy working with children and are looking forward to meeting you.  Call us at (336) 290-7401 or request an appointment online today.