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Virtual Dentistry From Fuller Dental

Due to COVID-19, many dental practices were closed to everything but emergency dentistry. Now, many dental practices are starting to reopen. But what if you’re at high risk for COVID-19 or have other struggles preventing you from getting to the office? Fuller Dental, a dentist in Burlington, NC, is proud to now offer virtual dentistry. Learn more about how it works.burlington, north carolina dentist

What is Virtual Dentistry?

Virtual dentistry is also called teledentistry. It allows you to have an online consultation with your dentist from the comfort of your own home. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to communicate via video call with your dentist. We utilize doxy.me software, so that you can speak freely without having to worry about your information being compromised.

About doxy.me

Doxy.me is a software that’s HIPAA-compliant, so you’re able to speak to your dentist in confidence. All of your data and the video connection are encrypted. None of your data is stored, either. Doxy.me is dedicated to making sure you have a convenient, smooth experience. You don’t have to register for an account or anything to talk to your dentist with doxy.me. There’s also no fee for using this software.

Who is Virtual Dentistry For?

Technically, virtual dentistry is for everyone. However, it’s especially convenient for certain groups of people. For example, if you’re currently at high risk for COVID-19, we would recommend virtual dentistry. If you’re sick and want to make sure you don’t spread your illness, virtual dentistry is beneficial as well.

It isn’t just for illnesses, though. Many people have busy lives and schedules, and may not be able to squeeze in actually going an extra appointment to just talk about a procedure. It’s also convenient if you’re looking for a second opinion about a cosmetic or restorative procedure you’re looking at getting. If you want a smile makeover, you can get an idea of the process and prices you’d be getting into.

Your Virtual Dentistry Appointment

You don’t have to make an account or anything for your appointment. First, you’ll contact us with our online form, choosing virtual consultation from the dropdown. We’ll get in touch with you to schedule a date and time, and you’ll receive a link in an email for your appointment. When you click this link at the time of your appointment, you’re taken to a virtual waiting room until the dentist signs in as well.

The dentist will charge a slight fee for the consultation. This can be sent to your dental insurance to see if it’s covered by them. Your discussion with your dentist is similar to a Skype or FaceTime call. You’ll talk with them about any dental concerns you might have. They’ll determine whether you’ll need to come in for an in-person appointment for treatment or to assess things further.

Virtual Dentistry With Your Burlington, North Carolina Dentist

Does virtual dentistry sound like a convenient choice for your needs? Call us today or schedule a virtual consultation online!