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Treatment Options for Crooked Teeth

When our teeth don’t line up properly, it does more than just affect the look of our smile. Crooked teeth in Burlington, NC, can lead to worsening dental conditions and disorders. The longer you wait to treat crooked teeth, the more likely you are to suffer symptoms such as TMJ disorder, enamel loss, and tooth fractures.

Because everyone’s mouth is different, your dentist may recommend any number of treatment options to help restore your smile and improve your bite. Ranging from cosmetic to orthodontic, your personalized treatment plan is designed with your mouth in mind.

Crooked teeth in Burlington NC can be restored using a variety of dental treatments

Treating Crooked Teeth in Burlington, NC

When a patient has crooked teeth, there are plenty of different treatments available. What kind of treatment you need will depend on the location and severity of the problem. The more widespread and complicated your case is, the more extensive your treatment will need to be. Your dentist will examine your bite, take x-rays of your mouth, and discuss your smile goals to help determine which treatment plan is right for you.


For patients who have crooked teeth throughout most of their mouth, orthodontic treatment is often the best course of action. If the scale of malocclusion is mild to moderate, you may be able to benefit from clear aligner treatment, such as Invisalign. However, if your case is more extensive, you may need traditional braces instead. If your dentist cannot fix your crooked teeth with clear aligners, they can help recommend you to an orthodontist for further treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

For crooked teeth in your smile line, your dentist may recommend porcelain veneer treatment. Veneers fit over the front of your natural teeth, helping to reshape them and restore your smile. Dentists often recommend getting veneers in pairs to help maintain balance in your mouth. As such, they are a great option for patients who have multiple cases of crooked teeth in their smile. Veneers can be color-matched to your chosen shade to help improve the brightness and vibrancy of your smile as well.

Dental Bonding

If you only have one tooth that’s crooked, you likely don’t need extensive treatment like veneers. In these cases, you may be able to restore your bite using a simple treatment, such as dental bonding. Bonding works similar to a veneer in the sense that it helps to form and shape your tooth. But instead of fitting over the entire front surface of your tooth, the bonding material is applied directly to the area of concern and then cured to mimic your tooth’s structure. Bonding can usually be applied to any tooth in your mouth, but it’s usually most effective for minor cases of crooked teeth in your smile line.

If your teeth are out of alignment, you could develop dental complications that make it difficult to chew or talk. The sooner you address a problem in your bite, the better protected your teeth, gums, and jaw tend to be. At Fuller Dental, we offer a variety of treatment options for patients with crooked teeth. Call us today at (336) 290-7401 to schedule a consultation and see what treatment may be right for you.