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What to Eat for Healthy Teeth

Many people keep a strong commitment to their dental hygiene routine. This is great, but all the tooth care in the world won’t cut it if you don’t maintain a good diet. What you eat affects your teeth from the inside-out, so poor eating habits can derail even the most diligent attempt at good dental health. But how? Here is some advice on how to eat with your teeth in mind.

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Avoid Sugar

When it comes right down to it, sugar is the enemy of healthy teeth. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, and those bacteria feed on sugar, so eating sugar is like directly feeding your tooth decay. Common culprits of excess sugar include soda, which can really coat the mouth; and candy, which can stick to teeth and be hard to remove. These aren’t the only sources of sugar, though: many fruits are very high in sugar. Fruit may be full of nutrients, but the sugars can wreak just as much havoc on your teeth as any candy.

Skip Dark Drinks for White Teeth

White teeth are a cosmetic issue rather than a health issue, but you may not realize how much your diet can play into the color of your teeth. Some foods, in particular dark drinks such as tea or coffee, can stain the teeth. Over time the staining builds up until it can look pretty unsightly.

Eat Plenty of Dairy

You probably grew up hearing about drinking milk for strong bones; teeth are no different. Teeth and in particular tooth enamel need calcium, a nutrient found in dairy products. Eating plenty of dairy builds strong enamel. Cultured dairy, such as yogurt, gives extra benefits as a probiotic. The good bacteria in probiotics can push out the bad bacteria that cause decay.

Choose Leafy Greens

Your doctor probably recommends leafy greens for their plethora of health benefits, and they can help your teeth as well. Greens are packed with nutrients including calcium to strengthen your teeth form the inside. One of the most important nutrients they contain is folic acid. Folic acid is a B vitamin that has been shown to reduce tooth decay.

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By maintaining a good diet coupled with home hygiene, you should be able to visit our office with confidence. Diet can’t do everything, though, and it is important to keep your twice yearly routine dental visits. To schedule an appointment at Fuller Dental in Burlington, NC, contact us online or at (336) 290-7401.